E-Blast Designs: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

I get asked alot of questions about eblast design.

You’ll notice that most of my business eblasts have the same format. Why?

Because of Rule Number 1: Familiarity. If people on your mailing list are faithful readers (and I know who you are), they like to see things in the same place on your eblast every month.

In general, humans by nature don’t like change. Maybe you’re not one of them, but when it comes to technology, people get into panic mode when something new comes on their computer screen. The nail biting, hand wringing and binge eating set in. So, if you have a layout that you started with, and people are responding to it in a positive manner (i.e. click thru rates), then don’t change.

Rule Number 2: Always, always…..ALWAYS post your logo or text to link to your website.

The same holds true for your social media links: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog…whatever. The more people know you are connected, the more they will be inclined to see what you have posted as far as helpful information, upcoming events, product updates, promotions, ideas, etc. They also get to know another side of you which promotes a personal connection.

Rule Number 3 (and this is a biggie): It’s not all about YOU.

No. Sorry, to break your bubble folks, but people keep opening eblasts because the information they find are useful to them. They can relate to content. They connect to the information you provide.

So, rather than saying you have a SALE ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR STORE in big RED CAPS, write about something that the reader will relate to and find helpful. Here’s a hint:

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. If you were a customer, what would you like to learn about? Be informed about? You can manage to promote your business as well as inform and educate your readers as well. If you’re not a good writer and need your eblasts written for you, just get in touch with us!

Rule Number 4: End your eblast with information about your business.

A personalized short video clip provides a great “elevator speech” about your business and is interactive. Web Designs offers custom videos with music and graphic images based on what you want to convey to your target audience in a very short period of time. If you can imagine being stuck in an elevator with Steve Jobs and you have the best software on the market that you think he would be interested in, what would you say to him between the first floor and the 30th floor?

Think about that and get back to me. I’d love to collaborate with you and make that a reality for your business.

Rule Number 5: The subject title of your eblast.

Certain words can cause your eblast to go into people’s spam folder without them even seeing it. Don’t use the words free, offer, special, limited time, or anything that would cause the recipient to act now. Oh, and the words, “Available Russian Brides” doesn’t help either. Jeeeeeez……

Rule Number 6: Have a Call To Action (CTA).

If you want people to “do” something on your eblast such as shop on your site, place an order, call for an appointment, or schedule a free consultation, you need to have a prominent graphic, such as a button or other type of eye catching visual to make them click on it. This will often provide companies with information on their audience as well as possible conversions to sale.

Eblasts take awhile for dedicated readers to keep on reading. As long as you have well written, relatable content that people can use, they will keep on reading and remember your business when they need your product or services. There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting your upcoming events or adding coupons (people LOVE coupons!)

Finally, make it visually appealing. All text and no visual graphics make for a boring e-blast. Provide some relatable, free stock photography if you are on a limited budget to your eblasts. Otherwise, high-end stock photography is always pretty darn cool and worth the bang for the buck.

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