Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? by Susan M. Weinschenk

This book received good reviews on One reader hated it; fifteen gave it a perfect score. It averaged four stars. So I decided to download the Kindle version and check it out.

I’m somewhere in between. I liked it: It was not amazing, but worthwhile.

This book isn’t about web design in the strict sense: Classic matters of Information Architecture and Usability aren’t covered in significant depth, nor is there any discussion of HTML or CSS. Instead, this “web design” book is about persuasion architecture and consumer behavior.

Weinschenk has done a good job of pulling together relevant information from disparate sources such as psychological studies, usability tests, and consumer research. She presents it in an easy-to-understand manner that makes for an interesting look at psychological factors that drive consumer behaviors online. While it doesn’t feel like a comprehensive recipe for total persuasion architecture, it is a practical, fast-reading collection of principals and tactic that is accessible and actionable.

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone working in online marketing—designers, writers, information architects, and marketers—would find this book of some value. Much of the material has implications for off-line marketing too. The paperback is a little overpriced at $19.79 ( But for $9.99, the Kindle version is worth it. And it’s a quick-and-painless read. There are some good nuggets in here for almost anyone in the field.

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